Steven Lear

Steven Lear

Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire

Arable & beef

ARABLE and BEEF, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE: Steven operates a family run 500 head suckler beef herd (calves reared on their mothers). The cattle are all pedigree Limousins (a French breed), making it the largest Limousin herd in the country. The calves are either kept for breeding or are fattened (grown for meat) on farm. The business has recently branched out and started a small Aberdeen Angus herd as well.

The farm is about 3,000 acres (1,214 hectares) of grass and combinable crops, managed to regenerate soils. Steve uses no-till practices (meaning the soil is not tilled or ploughed to plant new crops) and integrated pest management (a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control) as well as cover cropping (never leaving the soil bare) wherever possible. The aim is to farm with nature rather than against it.

Steve comes from a long line of farmers and could not think of anything else he would rather be doing. He enjoys working with nature and figuring out how to manage the natural systems to produce sustainable food.

He has a degree in farm business management from the University of Reading, enjoys travelling the world and has recently started writing in Direct Driller magazine.

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Steve is a keen skier and has previously worked in ski resorts in the Alps. He set up a travel company with a friend and runs a small festival in the Alps every year.