Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews


Horticulture (organic)

MIXED, HEREFORDSHIRE. Ben farms in partnership with his father on a 450-acre (182ha) tenanted and 150-acre (60ha) owned mixed organic farm. They have cattle which graze the river meadows from spring until autumn and they grow both cereal and vegetable crops and cut sunflowers on higher ground.

Improving biodiversity on the farm provides Ben with a great buzz. Both his involvement with stewardship schemes and organic practices have produced gains to the point that the skylarks are almost deafening in summer.

With a rich family history based in agriculture as far back as the 17th century, Ben briefly tried city life, but after 18 months returned to his roots on the farm.

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Beyond the farm, Ben has interests in photography, long distance cross country running, cycling and cross-fit, and has just started getting into bird watching.