Rachael Madeley Davies

Rachael Madeley Davies

Bala, North Wales (organic)

Beef & sheep

SHEEP & BEEF, NORTH WALES: Rachael farms in partnership with her husband, Geraint, on a hill farm in Snowdonia National Park. It is 1,200 acres (486 hectares) of mountainous pasture, woodland and blanket bog and has been organic since 2005. They also manage 35 acres (14 hectares) of ancient woodland on the farm which Rachael describes as “a bit of a love affair”.

They have 500 breeding ewes, 70 ewe lambs (which will join the flock as breeding ewes when they are old enough) and 50 beef cows, known as ‘sucklers’ because they rear their own calves, unlike dairy cows. The cattle are predominantly Welsh Black, a hardy native breed.

Nearly 80% of the farm is classified as ‘upland’ so Rachael understands the pressures on these areas. She has signed up for various environmental schemes which help to manage and protect this upland habitat. She passionately believes food production can be done in harmony with environmental protection.

Rachael has a second income working part-time for an agricultural consultancy specialising in dairy, and works with both producers and processors.

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Rachael enjoys going to WI, patchwork quilting, growing vegetables and cooking (but insists she isn’t old before her time!)