Tim Dobson

Tim Dobson

Nantwich, Cheshire


GOATS, CHESHIRE: Tim’s family have been tenant farmers on 100 acres (40 hectares) in the middle of the Cheshire Plain since 1968. They were originally dairy farmers and used to milk 140 cows. Cheshire is a big dairy-producing county.

Around the time Tim took over the business in 2000, their little farm was already surrounded by expanding neighbouring herds, some with as many as 3,000 cows. Tim and his wife Marnie found themselves being squeezed out of the dairy industry. They had a clear choice – get big or go niche.

They chose niche and developed a specialist goat meat business, selling meat over the internet and recently opened an on-site butchery and cafe. They also butcher and pack meat for other farmers, helping add value to businesses which would not otherwise be able to sell direct to the consumer.

It’s a unique business model. Tim buys goats from 25 farms around the country – including male kids bred from dairy herds and milking goats which have come to the end of their productive life. He brings them back to his farm, fattens them up for a few weeks, takes them to the abattoir himself, butchers the carcasses on-site and sells the meat direct to customers.

Goat meat isn’t widely consumed in the UK and rarely stocked in the supermarkets. Tim’s on a mission to change this by promoting the health benefits (goat is lower in saturated fat than beef and lamb), giving out free recipes and instructions on how to cook it. He’s also tapped into a growing market among the UK’s African, Indian and Caribbean communities, who often prefer goat to lamb.

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Tim and his wife Marnie have three young children and enjoy escaping to their holiday home in Germany – something they can do more since giving up the milking shifts!