Stephen Ware

Stephen Ware

Weobley, Herefordshire

Poultry (broilers) and Horticulture (fruit)

HORTICULTURE & POULTRY, HEREFORDSHIRE: Stephen’s 299 acre (121 hectare) farm is going through a lot of changes. He recently converted from broiler chickens into pullet rearing. That's rearing laying hens for commercial egg farms. He is also diversifying into insect production (more on that below).

Due to changing market forces, there is no longer demand for Stephen’s 54 acres (22 hectares) of intensive bush cider apple orchards, so they were recently grubbed up. As the third generation of his family to grow apples in Herefordshire, it was an emotional day when the trees were dug up. However, he still has his Perry pear and traditional heritage orchards.

In 2017, he planted 20,000 fruit trees as part of an agro-forestry scheme, including apples, pears, sour cherries and quince. Stephen believes in regenerative agricultural practices and wants his farm to become a more extensive, lower input enterprise.

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Before coming home to run the farm, Stephen had a career as a full-time helicopter pilot. He still has a helicopter licence and was freelancing up until three years ago, flying private charters and instructing. He enjoys mountain biking, swimming and running. He's a school governor and a 2011 Nuffield Farming Scholar. The title of his published study is: 'Remaining competitive within the UK top fruit industry'.