Fraser Jones

Fraser Jones

Welshpool, Powys

Dairy (housed)

DAIRY, POWYS: Fraser is a third generation dairy farmer and has worked on the family farm pretty much since he was old enough to walk. He left only briefly to attend agricultural college.

He milks 1,100 Holstein Friesian cows and is in the process of expanding his herd to 2,000 with a new unit opening in early May. The cows are not all milked in one place, but across three sites between Montgomery and Welshpool in Mid Wales. Fraser runs a mainly indoor system and grows his own crops to feed the herd (barley, wheat, maize, triticale and grass).

The cows are milked twice a day producing 10,000 litres of milk a year. The average cow produces 32 litres a day and will stay in the herd for up to 10 years. Fraser breeds all his own replacement heifers (female calves that will join the milking herd) and rears all bull calves to 14-months-old for beef. No bull calves are shot or destroyed on his farm.

He employs 28 people, including his dad.

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It would be easy to spend every hour working on the farm but Fraser makes time for a few hobbies, including skiing, shooting and car racing.