Sarah James

Sarah James

Llandrindod Wells, Powys

Poultry (free range eggs)

Sarah farms in partnership her husband, Aston, on 130 acres (53 hectares) in Mid Wales. They have 14,500 free range hens producing eggs under the Clarence Court brand, supplying Waitrose.

They also have 150 breeding ewes, and rear 40 to 50 dairy-cross heifers each year. These young heifer calves are destined to be breeding cows or 'suckler cows' for beef producers. They are bought in from dairy farms at two-weeks-old, hand reared and kept until they are old enough to go to the bull or be artificially inseminated. They will then have calves of their own which are intended for beef production.

The farm is not big enough to support Sarah and Aston full-time, so Sarah has a second income as Head of Business Development at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.

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Sarah says: “The farm and our children are my hobbies. I go to work for a holiday!”